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Letter Form CEO

Thank you for your interest in Burwood suites! I sincerely appreciate your consideration of us for your temporary housing need of a week, 30 days or longer.

Why choose Burwood suites? What's so special about us? Let me show you why your temporary housing search should end with us!

  • Service, service, service - Did I mention service?! Burwood has many competitors. The product of all is very similar. How we differ and excel is highlighted in our tagline of, "It's not what we do, but rather how we do it!" We are in the service industry and excel in the service that's behind the product. That's where you will see the passion of the entire Burwood Team. Once you try us I am very confident you will be quite impressed by our service delivery!
  • A certified and managed company - This allows you to increase your company's supplier diversity by partnering with us.
  • mployee-owned and operated - Our employees are empowered to make decisions. They have the responsibility and authority to make things right. They don't need to escalate issues but rather resolve them. That's what we do best!

You will see that our response times are fast, our accommodations are fantastic plus we are fun to work with! Being in a temporary home for a week, 30 days or longer can be a stressful period in your life. The entire Burwood Suites Team's primary responsibility is to make it an enjoyable one. If we ever fail to deliver, please contact me directly.

Try us and experience the passion of Burwood Suites! Thank you again for your interest in us.

Warm regards,
Salman Habeeb