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What Makes a Luxury Serviced Apartment Truly 'Luxury'

Are you planning a family trip, vacation or business trip? Then, accommodation is the first factor that you must consider. These days, luxury serviced apartments have been gaining popularity among travelers due to various advantages this accommodation could offer. The major reason why people refuse to stay in hotels is that they restrict some offerings inside and ask people to choose what they serve. On the other hand, a luxury serviced apartment is completely flexible and accommodates the needs of the customers to the point. If you are looking to stay in a safe, affordable, and comfortable place, you must consider choosing the serviced apartments.

Here are some of the facilities and features that make a luxury serviced apartment truly luxury.


People consider the cost factor when choosing between serviced apartments and hotels. Hotels do charge per person, whereas a service apartment in Hyderabad charges per room. Therefore, you are going to pay the same amount for a room even if you stay alone or with your family or friends. Also, you can enjoy free or less cost room services, which can save you a considerable amount. Overall, a serviced apartment is affordable.


The biggest advantage of choosing a serviced apartment over hotel rooms is the space. You will get more space in a luxury serviced apartment than hotels. Most importantly, you can get two to three rooms and individual garden or lawn area too. The cost you pay for the apartment will definitely do the justice to you.

Home Comfort

Luxury serviced apartments provide a comfortable and safe environment for your stay. It offers you a fully furnished home including the appliances and communication facilities. Besides these, you can enjoy separate living spaces, bedrooms, lawn, and garden. All these things can make you feel like staying in your home. You do not have to feel homesick at all.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

A notable benefit of selecting a serviced apartment is its kitchen facilities. The facilities may vary from one apartment to another, but mostly include everything from a coffee maker to the dishwasher. A luxury serviced apartment with a fully equipped kitchen is definitely beneficial for longer stays and especially for those who have dietary requirements. You can hire a chef to cook the dishes you desire or cook it yourself.


In a luxury serviced apartment, you will enjoy both, a home-comfort and hotel-like service. Daily cleaning service is offered to you, so you do not have to think about washing your clothes.

Privacy and Security

You can enjoy the ultimate privacy and 24/7 security inside the luxury serviced apartments. Once booked, you can plan your stay as per your wish. Like you do in your home, you can work, have fun, play, and relax at any time. Also, you can schedule the services depending on your needs.

Free Parking

A luxury serviced apartment provides free and secured parking space to its customers. You can park your vehicles without being bothered about its safety or the rent.