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Why Is Hyderabad The Best City to Live in India?

Do you know ?

For the fifth consecutive time, mana Hyderabad bagged the top spot in the Mercer's Quality of Living Rankings - 2019, released Globally this year.

In India, Pune and Hyderabad have been declared as the best cities to live, based on various factors of urban infrastructure and livability criteria.

The "Mercer Quality of Living" survey takes into account several factors to determine the results such as economic environment, social and political environment, health and medical considerations, socio-cultural environment, public services, housing, education, etc. So, the question of the hour is

Why is Hyderabad getting all this love on polls and surveys?

Mercer study

For the past 4 yrs, Hyderabad has frequently been the best ranked Indian city for its quality of living study. 2019 study shown Hyderabad rank 142th in the entire list.

Delhi was the worst-ranked. Pune ranked below Hyderabad. While Mumbai ranked 154th in the list. Hyderabad scored well in terms of many aspects. Such as lower crime rate, good schools, low pollution levels and thriving job market. Thanks to the cities IT industry boom.

What does it offer the citizens of India that other cities do not?

Let us find out!

Reasons Why Hyderabad Is the Best Indian City to Live In

Hyderabad is known as the South Indian New York for excellent reason. It is a densely populated and dynamic metropolitan city where you can see people of all ages bustling in and out of offices, temples, cafes as well as nowhere in particular.

For the following reasons, Hyderabad is quickly becoming one of the top-ranked cities to live in India.


One of the greatest advantages of living in the city of Hyderabad is getting a taste (or many) of its mouth-watering cuisine.

When it comes to food, Hyderabad has evolved into a culinary giant. You can expect more than merely Mughlai from the Hyderabadi cuisine. It is a fusion of Persian,Turkish and Arabic influences as well as brings the best of all these worlds inits cuisine.

The famous Hyderabadi biryani is popular because of the most tender meat you will ever eat and the fragrant spiced rice. Rest assured,living in Hyderabad means getting to eat the best food on a daily basis.


It is very easy to understand after a bit of exploration that the heritage of Hyderabad makes Hyderabadi cuisine what it is.

The history of this city is vibrant and dates back a whopping 500 years. The City of Pearls(as Hyderabad is often called) has been the source of a diverse history in the last five centuries.

From the Mughals to British and the Qutub Shahi rulers,the city is packed with countless heritage buildings, palaces, fortresses,minarets, and tombs. There are also several Heritage Walks conducted by the Tourism Department on a regular basis.


One of the foremost considerations when deciding on a place to live is the people of the city. Among other names, Hyderabad is also popularly known as the city of a thousand faces or the city of happiness.

The names reflect the amicability and warmth you feel in the city. Hyderabad boasts of a population of people from different cultures with aunique mix of Hindi, Telugu and Urdu, makes them even more endearing, if a little difficult to understand.Suffice to say; it comprises of friendly and helpful people.

Accessibility and Cost of Living

Hyderabad is also a super well-planned city. When we compare the cost of living of cities like Pune and Mumbai to Hyderabad, it is easily quite low.

In addition to that, other admirable aspects of the city include its law and order.But it should be noted that water supply issues were one of the main reasons for the city to slip down five positions in the Mercer study. Still, it is an attractive city that worth visiting.its infrastructure is also rather impressive, all of which make Hyderabad a great option to consider for a residence.


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